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Lay flat tubing

Lay flat tubing is continuous polythene tubing wound onto a roll. Rather like a never-ending polythene bag with no bottom. So versatile that is used across multiple industries and for a vast range of products. By sliding the tubing over the item and then trimming and sealing, lay flat tubing can be used to create many bespoke bag sizes around unpredictable products where the size isn't set.


Applications of lay flat tubing include:


  • Custom polythene bags for clothing
  • Poster Bags
  • Stationery Bags
  • Carpets
  • Heavy Duty items going by Courier


Available in MD and LD, our lay flat tubing is available in our Ram strength film offering an exclusive mix of value, quality and environmental credentials.


Once trimmed lay flat can be sealed with any of the following methods:


  • Heat Sealer
  • Ties
  • Staples
  • Tape


All of our polythene lay flat tubing when heat sealed would be watertight for short periods and can be made to ensure it's suitable for both domestic and commercial freezers.


How to work out the size of lay flat tubing;


To ensure that the lay flat tubing fits your products, you must first work out the diameter of the products, then multiply this by 3.142 (know as π) this will provide you with the correct width to contain the product. 


Gauge is very much based on how strong the final bag needs to be. If a product like a carpet is being shipped externally via a courier we'd recommend a  heavy gauge to ensure that the bag doesn't tear in transit.



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